3 Genius Ways to Take a Break from Your Reality

Always wanted to escape just like 62% of Americans who do?

While you’re grateful for your way of living, you sometimes wish you had it differently.

You wish you don’t have to wake up at 6 AM to head straight to work. You wish you had a bigger social circle – and it certainly shouldn’t be limited to your professional friends.

Well, what if you could have a peek of that?

Here’s a list of ways you can get that much-needed break.

Go Camping

A tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, and other essentials are just but a few items you need for this. If these are simply lying around your house, why not put them to good use? If you don’t have any of them, it’s never too late to buy them from a nearby hardware store.

Camping in the wilderness is one of the best ways to see the world from a simple perspective, especially if you live in a well-developed city. This activity is simple, too!

Turn to the Power of Virtual Reality

Then, go with VR!

It’s a fact that people view life from individual perspectives, and therefore, have different takes on it. What one person thinks is exciting might just be the most boring experience ever.

So don’t use other people’s perspective of life as the basis. Also, don’t try to convince them that your perspective is better.

Instead, focus on your own view of life. If you want, you could experience a virtual reality simulation and set it according to your preferences!

Read a Book

Doing this can also let you experience how it is to live someone’s life. If the book is written from the protagonist’s first-person point of view, you’re in for a more realistic experience.

A book from the fantasy genre can take you away to a relatively different universe. The concepts behind most of its elements are almost impossible to grasp!

For one, you can check out Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.

In the wizarding world of that universe, you’ll get a glimpse of spells, potions, giant trolls, goblins, and more. Well, can you get a glimpse of these things in your own world?


Wanting to get away from your current reality is understandable, especially if you feel sick and tired of what you come across every day. And getting this escape can be therapeutic.

Usually, though, if a person gets to be away from their typical day-to-day situations, it won’t be long until he’ll beg for a return. Perhaps, that’s how it is with you, too!