5 new features on windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows OS and it is integrated with new features, which can make you feel surprised. Some of these features are listed and explained below to make those of you who are concerned whether to upgrade to windows 10 or not. These are the features below.

Cortana virtual assistant

Microsoft has provided Cortana virtual assistant on their windows 10 version, it is the desktop version of the Microsoft virtual assistant, which has been on their phone operating system for a while now. It is accessible right from the desktop for you to get things done. You can ask it questions like “what’s the weather today” and so on. Amazingly, it is now integrated with more advanced features than those on the phone’s version. It’s worth trying!

Microsoft Edge Browser

Edge Browser is the new windows default web browser, it is formerly known as project Spartan. It consists of great features like the screen grab tool, touchscreen doodling ability, reading mode, a notepad and it is even integrated with Cortana which will make internet browsing easier. However, it also contains a dual functioning tab, which will serve as both address bar and search engine bar.
Copy and Paste in Command Prompt

Interestingly, Command prompt has changed. For those who has been using windows for a long time now, you will be familiar with using the command prompt to run MS-Dos. Now, there is a feature integrated into windows 10 that will make it easier to copy and paste in command prompt using the keyboard shortcut.

Tablet mode

For those who are in love with the new touch screen optimized features, windows 10 now contain tablet mode, which can easily help to toggle between the desktop mode and the tablet mode. However, when the tablet mode is activated the start menu goes into full screen and with this makes it easier to run all application in full screen. This feature allows the user to change his PC into a tablet with the click of a button.

Improved mail and calendar Apps

A lot more has been done to improve the windows mail and calendar app. Now, they are faster, simple user interface, more condensed with information and without making it complex to use. However, the mail app now contains a swipe gesture and support POP email with the calendar app supporting Google calendar. They contain so many new features that make it more responsive and they can be reached easily.

Now, I believed with all these amazing features, you will like to upgrade your operating system to windows 10 without any disturbance. However, if you encounter problems on where to get the product key you can visit the keystore online – click