Choosing Replacement Ink for Your Industrial Printer

Many of the industrial printers come with ink that is ready for use. However, you need to replace it soon, or you won’t have enough ink for the next project.

The replacement ink that you choose needs to meet the changing styles of your consumers as well as businesses. The ink you choose should also be OEM compatible so that you are sure of the quality and guarantee of good results all the time.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right replacement CIJ ink for your needs as a commercial printing business.

Understand Printer Performance

The performance of your printer depends a lot on the kind of ink that you choose. Poor quality ink might lead to issues such as gelling, coagulation or agglomeration.

Additionally, low-quality ink can build up on your print heads and make your printing jobs poor quality as well. You have to start all over again or experience the wrath of the consumer. The poor quality ink affects the performance of the printer, however, advanced a printer you own.

You need to choose a compatible ink that can help optimize the performance of the printer and reduce on company downtime, as well as repair and maintenance needs.

The Ink Should Have Undergone Meticulous Testing and Development

The ink you choose should have gone through product research and development, and the manufacturer should be able to document this. The development process ought to be seamless and include testing and simulation. Analytical testing methods should also be applied with the need to develop it further.

The manufacturer ought to put in place testing methods that help to overcome the common printing challenges.

Light and Fading Resistance

The ink you choose for replacement should be engineered using dyes and pigments that are resistant to the effects of UV light. Depending on your needs, you need to choose ink that can be used to print on materials that will remain exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Even the materials that get exposed to artificial light indoors also benefit from this aspect. For this role, always buy ink from trusted brands.

The Bottom-line

Take time to choose the right replacement ink so that you enjoy high-quality prints and reduced downtime. It is always a joy when you can guarantee your customers a perfect print on the first attempt, which eliminates the need for costly and time-wasting reprints.