Common Mistakes Done By Hoteliers On Instagram

If you are new to Instagram, you cannot browse through more than twenty posts and fail to find one that is food related. People love foods and not only because it is a basic need, but also contributes to their well-being. Smart hoteliers are dominating this platform and making a killing in terms of sales and also making their brands known. There are those who join social media to market their products while others want to increase their outreach. Irrespective of the approach, there are simple tips to succeed in this space. The following are the mistakes that most hoteliers make on Instagram

    1. Inconsistency in posting

You may be very busy serving your clients but also remember that your online community needs you. It thus requires that you come up with a strategy that shows what to post and the specific time. Followers want to know that there is something that they can look up to at a given time and get some real value. Their interest will not be on the number of posts that you make but on the consistency that you follow. Just check how frequent other hotel owners post and get a rough idea on what people look for. You can have one for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on your business model.

    1. Focusing so much on marketing


Your end goals might be making sales but remember that customers want more than that. They want to know how these foods will help their bodies and how they can avoid lifestyle-related diseases. It is your duty to dedicate some of your time to keep them informed on some of the benefits. You can have two posts in a week that give free tips and show that you care for your customers. Remember to include call-to-actions on your promotional posts as well.

    1. Overwhelming themselves with tasks


Irrespective of whether you own a small, medium or large hotel, managing one can be a bit hectic. You have to wake up early and sleep late to ensure that you cater to all your customers. You are still expected to spend some time on social media searching for new followers, engaging with existing ones and creating content. Growing an Instagram profile from scratch is not that easy but you can buy some followers. Fred writes about this to ensure that you balance between work and still serve your followers with the content they are looking for.