Enjoy healthy and sound sleep with a memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress offers a wide range of health benefits for the users. Compared to other types of mattresses, memory foam is really unique and the technology employed can be described as highly advanced as well. The most important aspect is that these types of mattresses conform to the bodyline of the user in the best possible manner.

Temperature sensitive material and sound sleep

A temperature sensitive material is used to make memory foam and due to this feature, the mattress adjusts itself to the body weight and heat of the user. When the temperature rises, the mattress gets softer to provide a sound sleep.

Fast recovery from pain, soreness and aches

Another important benefit of memory foam as available on www.wakeupinabetterway.org is that it relieves body aches, soreness and pain with utmost efficiency. It is being done with the help of selective displacement of pressure along the user’s body length. Due to the biological pain coping mechanism of the human body, the average temperature on the pain points will be slightly higher than other parts of the body and memory foam molds itself based on the temperature on the pain points to allow the body recover in a fast manner.

Better body posture

Memory foam helps the sleeper achieve the perfect body posture because it ensures proper spinal alignment during the sleep. When a person sleeps with the correct body posture, he/she can easily avoid different types of spinal problems in the long run and issues like back soreness can also be prevented.

Relief from allergies

It can be described as an important benefit of the memory foam. This mattress is usually made of polyurethane foam and this foam is made using inorganic fibers. These fibers keep away the allergy-causing dust mites because memory foam does not allow the dust mites to thrive by preventing any food on the inside parts.

Harmonious blend of viscosity and elasticity

Memory foam has a perfect combination of viscosity and elasticity and, this combination is the prime reason behind people calling it visco-elastic. Many people use memory foam pillows along with mattresses and these pillows also offer a wide range of health benefits. Sleep apnea can be prevented quiet effectively because these pillows offer proper elevation to the head during sleep and it leads to correct pattern of breathing during sleep.


Many studies have been conducted to compare the benefits of spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses. Most of these studies clearly show that spring mattresses give the illusion of comfort but they cannot offer proper pressure point relief. Since spring mattresses push back against the human body, providing adequate support becomes an impossible task and eventually, it leads to poor blood circulation, joint pains and other related problems. Memory foam distributes the body weight in an even manner and pressure points can be considerably reduced as well. In addition to these benefits, memory foam also offers correct body posture and better relief from allergies and, all these aspects clearly suggest that memory foam mattress is the best option available in the market.


This article explores the benefits associated with memory foam and it compares the difference between spring mattresses and memory foam as well.