How to Generate a Large Following on Instagram

Having a large number of followers on Instagram is beneficial in numerous ways. Your brand will not only have more visibility, but you stand the chance to make extra income through affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Unfortunately, generating a large following on Instagram requires unmeasured dedication and patience. You must have in place a strategic plan and a critical understanding of how to achieve the best possible results from your plan. Even so, with the right attitude and plan, you can easily get followers without needing the know-how of a rocket scientist. Here’s how.

Start on the right foot

Do not create an account hurriedly without a sense of direction. Take your time to visit a number of sites such as Income Artist and learn more about the ways in which you can increase your following and how to identify your target audience. That way, you will be armed with the right knowledge and can start off on the right foot.

Understand your subject of interest, identify your target audience, and learn how to create content that will be attractive to such an audience. You can even enroll in an Instagram marketing course to improve your marketing skills and achieve optimal results on the platform.

Cross-promoting your content

Even if you are getting started on Instagram, there is a high likelihood that you have an account and followers on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or even a blog. Cross-promoting on all the platforms allows your followers on other platforms to know you are also on Instagram. Hence, it’s like an invitation for them to follow you on Instagram. You can do this by sharing your Instagram posts on other platforms and including a link to your Instagram page.

Develop a unique style

You can easily get noticed on Instagram by standing out. Curate your own visual effects or style that can be instantly associated with your brand. You can choose a particular color theme for all your posts, have your images cropped in a similar manner and use the same filter on all of them, or be consistent in posting images concerning a specific subject matter alone.


Everybody loves to win something and it’s no different on Instagram. You can initiate photo contests or other forms of contests with the winner or winners getting a free gift or voucher. This gives your followers something to look forward to and they are likely to share or invite their friends to the contests. Come up with a unique hashtag promoting your brand and make it compulsory for all contesters to use the hashtag. This will expose your brand more and attract new followers to your account.