Know More About The Family Of Guitar And Its Look Alike: Ukulele

Different types of musical instruments are available in market and many people are fond of these instruments. But now ukuleles are gaining worldwide popularity. When their strings are played melodious music comes out of it. Ukulele is not easy to play as proper knowledge and training is required for playing it. It is made of fine wood and has four strings on it. You can refer to Four String Fun in order to know more about the ukulele.

Different types of ukulele

Ukuleles are categorized under different types such as Soprano Ukulele, beginners Ukulele, Concert ukulele, Tenor ukulele, Baritone ukulele, Banjo ukulele, Electric Ukulele and many more. But out of these ukuleles, here are some of the most used ones:

 Soprano ukulele: They are also known as standard ukulele as their size is similar to the original ukuleles. This is the smallest of all ukuleles and it is around 21 inches long. These types of ukuleles are best for the children as they are small in size and can be handled easily without any difficulty.  In fact they are best for such persons who like music and travelling as they can be taken anywhere due to its size. The strings of the soprano ukulele are made of nylon polymer that gives the neoclassic beat when it is played.

Electric ukuleles: Electric ukuleles are the advanced ones and they are costly also. They can be played using electricity or manually also. They produce sound electronically by pick up or by plug in. These types of ukuleles are best for such places where your voice can become slow and in the low acoustic area. These ukuleles are used in concerts and live stage performances where large audience is present. They are made with high quality wood and other hardware’s that make it possible to play without any hassle. In fact it has a mahogany body which gives it a reddish brown color.

Baritone ukulele: A baritone ukulele is same as guitar and it looks like a guitar also. Its length is around 30inches. This type of ukulele are best for those persons who want to learn playing it and want to build career in music. But these are not meant for such persons who are beginners in this field as it is much bigger in size as compared to soprano, concert and tenor. The strings of the baritone ukulele can be made of nylon, polymer or with the combination of both.