Probiotics in yogurt make it a perfect healthy food

probiotics-in-yogurtYogurt is a very popular food since time immemorial. Its popularity is high not only because it is tasty but also because it’s very healthy. Even those who do not like milk find yogurt enjoyable and make up for the nutrients by replacing the former with the latter.

Commercially, yogurt started its journey in 1919 and it has only scaled greater heights since then. No health or medical condition bars one from eating yogurt because it is always healthy.

The best part of the yogurt is that it includes probiotics or “good” bacteria. These bacteria are very useful in treating illnesses, particularly those related to the stomach. If one has lactose intolerance or is suffering from constipation, diarrhea, bowel disorder, colon cancer, then yogurt is the perfect remedy to have. get ripped at home.

Yogurt is prepared through fermentation of various types of milk – whole, skim and evaporated – with the lactic acid bacteria. These good bacteria generally come from the types like Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. The flavors and textures of the final product depends on how yogurt is made. For more on yogurts, one can visit YummyYogurt.

Yogurt is known as “live” food for it includes living micro-organisms that are naturally found in the one’s stomach. While yogurt is commonly associated with the good bacteria, there are also yogurt varieties that are inclusive of bacteria that are neither good nor bad. While in other forms, the live cultures are neutralized as a result of heating.

Some good bacteria found in yogurt are:


A kind of bacterium, Lactobacillus has several species that are seen in our digestive and urinary systems as well as in fermented food items like yogurt.


Another type of good bacterium, Bifidobacterium is found in healthy gastrointestinal systems and well as in yogurt.

Streptococcus thermophilus

This bacterium is used in producing foods like yogurt and cheese. There are several types of this bacterium and over 80 of them are found in commercial yogurt and cheese products.

Certain varieties of yogurt do not have the same health benefits but there is no denying the fact that yogurt is a universally acclaimed food item for its health benefits. For those who really take care of their health, yogurt is an essential part of their daily diet. In case one is not sure whether a yogurt product he/she has picked at the store contains good bacteria, it is better to check the label of ingredients on it.