Qualities of a Good Stethoscope

Two types of the stethoscope are student stethoscope and professional stethoscope. Whichever the type you are looking for there is few qualities you should consider. It may seem confusing with all the brands in the market it’s advisable to have the knowledge of what to look for in a stethoscope.

A real stethoscope should deliver clear sound and be comfortable to use. To get the best available, you will have to consider its special quality. First; you should deliberate the weight. The stethoscope should be lightweight because you would be required to carry it around your neck all the working time.

The chest piece should be of stainless steel. Steel will allow the diaphragm to fit with an air tight seal. A small air leakage on the stethoscope would diminish its performance which would affect your conclusion about the patient. Stainless steel is also good material because of its durability.

The tube should be thick enough to isolate the sound coming from the heart beat with the external noise. Whether you choose double wall tubing or single wall tubing, the stethoscope should perform its purpose efficiently.

You should consider the eartip design. The design should make it possible for you to be comfortable when using the stereoscope. The eartip material should be soft that you will use for a long time without drying or cracking. The angle should fit comfortably in the ear canal.

The leaf spring should be adjustable and made of light material. The stethoscopes that are not adjustable will not suit those people with big heads. Those models with loose tension will make it hard for you to diagnose your patient correctly especially when you are working in a noisy environment. The headset should be adjustable so that it can fit your ears perfectly without risking your hearing ability.

You should also consider after sale service before purchasing your stethoscope. Some manufacturers will continue supplying the parts of the stethoscope that are likely to be less efficient with time. These components include eartips, diaphragms and id tags. Some of the manufacturers do it for free as long as you are using their product.

Finally, you should always avoid the following; aluminum chest as they are difficult to precise dimensions. Thinner tubes may be more flexible, but they restrict the sound transmission to your ears. Rigid eartips may allow air leaks and if they are non-angled, they will uncomfortable to use.