Tips For Selecting Men’s Suits

Suits come in different designs and thus choosing the right one can be an uphill task for a beginner. A good suit indicates the type of lifestyle that you lead. Every man should have a suit or several of them to fit various occasions. The following are essential tips for selecting your perfect suit.

Choose the right material

The durability of mens custom suits | suitsforme depends on the type of material that you choose. Cotton suits are fit for varying weather conditions. Wool suits are durable and come in different weights depending on the season. The two are very good at absorbing sweat and insulating the body when it is cold. You can also have a blend of two or more materials such as polyester and rayon. Another famous blend is that of silk and wool.

Understand your needs

You can either select a suit for formal occasions such as business meetings or for casual settings such as hanging out with friends. Thick lapels are ideal for official settings while thin ones appear elegant and thus fit casual setups. The pockets can either be jetted or rounded like those in a tuxedo. Such pockets fit formal occasions while rounded show some casualness. The lapels can either be notched or peaked, and both send different messages. Notched lapels are elegant or classy while peaked will give you an official appearance.

Understand the different colors

Different colors convey different messages, and some are fit for official settings while others are for casual setup. Grey is the most common color and may indicate to others that you are kind and honest. Gray suits are universal no wonder they are highly acceptable in most business settings. These suits can have different shades with light gray appearing to be daring while the dark one is somehow conservative. Blue appears sporty and may thus suggest that you do not take your career seriously. Navy blue, on the other hand, is fit for formal settings. Black works well with tuxedos especially when you are attending formal dinners and business meetings.


You should set some money aside for this important purchase. The best approach is to check several vendors who offer the same product and compare the prices. Some of the major determinants of price will be design and the material.

Understanding the above features make suit selection an easy task. You should check the reviews and comments from past customers and experts as well.