Tips For Renting The Best Apartments in Amsterdam

Renting an apartment can be a pleasant experience or a living hell, it all depends on the kind of landlord you have. You therefore need to find the best landlord who will give you the much-needed peace of mind you need as you live in the apartments in question. As such, you should continue reading in order to know the common pitfalls to avoid as you intelligently rent the best apartments Amsterdam.

Although rent is not necessarily negotiable, you will find that there are some landlords out there that are willing to haggle about the price. Although it can be hard to get the official rent decreased, you can negotiate so that the price of other things is lowered and thus reduce the total amount you pay. If you have a pet, you may negotiate to have the pet rental fee waived. Again, if the rent includes something like the parking fee, you can also negotiate to have it reduced for you, and this will in turn trim down the total amount you pay. Although most apartments accept to sign 12-month leases, you can talk to sign a 13-month lease. Most landlords will accept because it gives them the guarantee that they will get money/rent on the first month after the end of the year. Just like any other contract out there, you may end up paying less if you sign a longer term.

Talking to existing tenants is another way of ensuring that you get the right apartments. Although talking to complete strangers may be quite intimidating at first, you should do so in order to get an impression of how the landlords and the management handle their tenants. Ask the tenants whether they really enjoy living in the apartments in question. Ask them whether they have ever voiced any complaints before. Seek also to know how the management responds to the concerns raised by tenants. If you have issues talking to complete strangers, you may leave a note under a few doors or make use of the mailbox. Although not everyone will respond to your notes, a few of the kind type will mind to give you some useful information.

Although you may know the landlord personally, you must ensure that everything is put in writing. If you feel that you do not agree to some particular bits, you should ask for amendments before you sign. Ensure that everything is included in the lease agreement way before you sign. Whenever you agree on anything with the landlord, take the earliest opportunity to put it in writing. You should also keep the log of any communication you have for reference in case anything untoward happens. Remember that renting an apartment is contractual in nature and you should always treat it like that. You should never assume or take anything for granted.

Follow the above tips in order to land the best apartments in Amsterdam. Your due diligence and instincts should nevertheless play the final role in deciding the apartments you should go for and which ones you should avoid.