Why Virtual Assistants Love Instagram

In this digital age where everyone is trying to cut operating costs associated with running a business, virtual assistants have become very marketable. This group will perform everything that a personal assistant will do but you will just agree on a remuneration plan that suits both of you. Virtual assistants are among the most prominent telecommuters who are using various social platforms to get their craft out there. They have specifically taken Instagram by storm where they share tips, market their products and connect with potential customers. The following are some of the reasons why Instagram is quite famous among virtual assistants

Easy to set up

Unlike other social profiles that may require you to give loads of information, Instagram does not require much. You can even use Facebook to sign up and your account will be up and running within a few minutes. You just need to select a username, tagline and describe what you do in the bio section. It is advisable to use your business or brand name as the username to make it easy for people to trace you on this platform. It is better to use a business profile as this gives you a chance to promote your posts and reach more people.

You can use growth tools

Most of the clients that hire virtual assistant pay them on an hourly basis. This means that you have to concentrate on the clients’ work without any distraction to get the best out of this experience. However, Instagram is demanding as you need to keep searching for new followers, liking other people’s post and engaging your followers. You may find yourself overwhelmed by tasks and never get enough time to relax. Growing your follower-base is crucial but you have to do it in a decent manner. As Jonathon Spire highlights, it is not that easy to get free followers but growth tools can be the answer to your woes.

It is interactive

Social media is meant to be fun and that is exactly what Instagram brings to the table. The visual nature of this platform makes it possible to combine text and graphics and pass various messages. The introduction of Instagram stories increases the visibility of posts as they remain at the top all the time. Users can tag brands, friends, and colleagues on their posts which increases the reach from such content. Just ensure that you take and respond to queries that come your way.