Why work hard? Work smart

The internet has completely changed how things used to be done, for the better, though.  Currently, it gets up to 99% of stuff done. On the same breath, globalization has become a new vocabulary that every tech savvy grapples to know. Today, you can not only chat with someone in abroad face to face through Skype and other platforms but also work and get paid online.

The beauty of working online as opposed to reporting to a real job is that you will satisfy your creative impulse if you are creative enough. Other than the regular 8 hours job, you can set apart some time to work for online clients and earn exorbitantly. If you want to kick-start a new career, then the internet offers several platforms for you. There are several famous websites where you can earn through offering services such as freelance writing, web design, blogging, transcription, video editing, academic writing, graphics, data entry, virtual assistant and much more. Examples of these sites include but not limited to Upwork, Freelancer and Passive Solutions.


This platform initially called Odesk, has had a reputation for connecting professional freelancers world over with their desired jobs. Companies also find the best freelancers here. Freelancers are the ones who pay Upwork fees after completion of a contract. The fee ranges from 5 to 10 %. Before verification, the freelancer needs to take an Upwork test to increase their chances of securing contracts. Clients post contracts, which freelancers bid and the winner is selected to work.


Founded in 2014 in Pyrmont Australia, this site invites outsourcers and freelancers to post, bid and have work done. It has approximately 8Million users and 4.5 million jobs posted. For one to work or post a job here, they first must sign up and have their accounts verified. Just like Upwork, both parties can filter jobs on an hourly basis, location, and skills.

Passive Solution

Talk about content marketing and you will be directed to this London-based website for it has guru freelancers for the job. Here both the employer and the writer need to sign up for respective accounts and create their profile before working. Employers post their job requirements and examine freelancers. Posting and hiring process is very simple.


While there are more platforms where freelancers can work, experienced freelancers argue that these three measures equal. However, follow Dave Harrington medium to get a conclusive review. After reading through the analysis for Passive Solutions vs Upwork vs. Freelancer – Dave Harington – Medium, you will be able to know the best platform to begin your online career.